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MTNA Competitions


MTNA offers performance and composition competitions at the State, Division and National level. More information may be found here.


MTNA Studio Festival Program


The purpose of the MTNA Studio Festival Program is:


  • To provide the teacher and the teacher's students with an opportunity to participate in a nationally sponsored program that is open to students of all ages and level of advancement, and that is implemented by the teacher's own studio.
  • To provide a performance opportunity that is simple and convenient, at little or no cost to the individual teacher and at reasonable cost to the student.
  • To provide an incentive for practice as well as an incentive for selection of appropriately challenging repertory.
  • To provide an opportunity for students to receive supportive critique from a musician of the teacher's own choosing.
  • To provide national recognition to individual students, teachers and judges for participation in a non-competitive event.
  • To provide a performance opportunity for students in geographical areas where performance opportunities are not readily available.

The innovative, nationally-sponsored Studio Festival Program will allow your students to soar musically in a event held in your own studio.


The Studio Festival Program is ideal for any studio because there are no set rules or regulations. Tailor the event to meet your needs.


In addition to enjoying a stimulating performance experience, your students will receive a supportive critique from an experienced musician, chosen by you, and an official certificate recognizing their participation.


Open to students of all ages and levels, the Studio Festival offers a noncompetitive atmosphere to inspire your students in their musical abilities.


Getting started is easy. MTNA provides all the materials free, including


  • Organizational Checklist/Timeline
  • Budget Worksheet
  • Judge's Guideline Sheet
  • Judge's Comment Sheet (copies to be duplicated by the teacher as needed)
  • Sample Letter to Parents (copies to be duplicated by teacher as needed)
  • Festival Performance Schedule (to be completed by the teacher)
  • Artwork/templates for optional awards (see upper right)
  • Press release and information about publicizing your studio festival

Studio Festival starter kit


Studio Festival artwork