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APRIL 16, 2016


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Photos and Videos from the 2016 Festival


The 2016 Piano Monster Festival took place on April 16 at Snow Pond Community Music School in Sidney, Maine. Thanks to the students, parents, and teachers who took part!




Two Handel Minuets

Get Up and Go

Washington Post March





Thanks to the participating teachers!




The application and complete information about the day's events may be found on pp. 12-14 of your 2015-2016 MMTA Annual Handbook, or you may download them here. Students Grade 4 and up are invited to take part.


Also see the article from UMaine News about the 2014 festival, which featured 113 students and 11 pianos!





The repertoire ranges from early elementary to early advanced, with one piece for teachers only. Choose up to three pieces per student. All student scores are in print and may be ordered online through Prima Music. (See additional comments below.)*


No photocopied music will be allowed, except for the teacher piece, which is in the public domain.


The first page of each piece is available for download in a single PDF file: Piano Monster repertoire.


YouTube recordings are also available:


*Updates on certain sheet music:


  • "So Suite" by Robert Vandall is now part of the collection Contest Winners for Two, Book 3, and is available at Prima Music.
  • "The Washington Post March" for piano duet by Melody Bober is available at J. W. Pepper.
  • Our teacher piece, "Italienne Polka" by Rachmaninoff, is in the public domain. You may download the PDF here.


Call, text or e-mail Christine Kissack (207-671-5057) if you need help finding any of our 2016 Monster repertoire.