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Please contact Jamie Hagedorn to add a listing, including instruments for sale and job openings.



Church music position (Oct. 2016)—Old South Congregational Church in Hallowell, ME is searching for an organist and/or choir director. Our biggest need is an organist, or a pianist willing to work at learning some skill at the organ. We have a Hook and Hastings tracker organ. This person must be able to play hymns and accompany the choir on their anthems. We would prefer an experienced organist, but would gladly consider a talented student who would be interested and reliable.


Primary responsibilities:


  • To provide suitable organ music for worship services of the church (number of times per month is negotiable)
  • To select and direct a broad and inclusive program of music at regular and special services of the church from September through June (number of times per month is negotiable)


A complete job description is available on our website. You may also telephone 207-622-1220 for more information.



FREE spinet piano (Sept. 2016)—This instrument belongs to Karen Boucias. It is well taken care of and regularly tuned. She wishes to find a good home for it. Contact:






Cable-Nelson baby grand (Oct. 2016)—I have a 1920s Cable-Nelson baby grand piano that my family would like to donate to a music program or promising piano student. The piano was my grandmother's who studied at the New England Conservatory a long time ago. The family has enjoyed the piano for years but we wish for it to see more use.


Only obvious issue is the ivory has begun to loosen from some keys (all ivory has been kept). The piano is currently in Mt. Vernon, ME, and we need to find a new home for it by mid-October. Contact: Kevin Hathaway.


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